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Shanks invests in new balers to increase quality and efficiency of its waste-derived fuels

20 October 2016

International waste-to-product business, Shanks Group plc has invested in two new balers at its facilities in East London which will increase the quality and efficiency of production of its waste-derived fuels.

The balers have been installed at Shanks’ Frog Island and Jenkins Lane mechanical biological treatment (“MBT”) facilities which are part of a 25 year contract with the East London Waste Authority (“ELWA”). The increase in the quality and efficiency of Shanks’ solid recovered fuel (“SRF”) and refuse derived fuel (“RDF”) will enable the company to service its off-take customers more effectively and could also open up new markets for the fuel.

Shanks has invested over £2M in the new machinery which will bale SRF and RDF for use in the generation of green energy. Replacing old machinery on site, the new balers will help increase SRF and RDF export potential by 100% and will also increase the diversion of waste from landfill to 95%.

Matthew Williams, Managing Director of Shanks’ Municipal Division, said:

“We are now 14 years into our 25 year contract with ELWA so it is important that we continue to invest in these facilities to ensure we are able to efficiently and effectively manage our customers’ waste. The overall strategy for our East London facilities is to maximise diversion of waste from landfill and the production of baled fuel is a crucial part of this. We now look forward to utilising this new machinery to increase the quality and efficiency of production of our waste-derived fuels.”

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Notes to editors

Shanks Group is a leading international waste-to-product business.

The Group uses a range of cost-effective sustainable technologies to make valuable products from what is thrown away. We produce green energy, recovered fuel, recycled commodities and organic fertiliser.

Shanks meets the growing need from public and private sectors to manage waste sustainably without damaging the environment. Our solutions reduce greenhouse gas emissions, recycle natural resources and limit fossil fuel dependency.

Shanks operates in three divisions that reflect our markets: Hazardous, Commercial and Municipal. It has operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Canada and employs approximately 3,500 people.

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