Please find below a number of links to useful information and organisations. Shanks works in partnership with a wide range of organisations to ensure that collectively we manage our current resources in a sustainable way and preserve our countryside and environment for future generations.

AFOR Organics Recycling Group
REA Renewable Energy 
CIWM Chartered Institute of Waste 
Recycling Stars Managed by E2B 
E2B Pulse Great networking organisation and more
College Hill Public Relations and more
Ecodeco Group build MBT 
Letsrecycle  news and information for the waste sector
Business Green sustainable news and information 
Stratiji Public Relations for our BDR PFI 
The Aylesbury Project helps people with learning difficulties
Cranfield University provide Shanks technical and research support
WRAP lots of useful sustainable information and support
DECC policy information and support from UK government
DEFRA policy information and support from UK government
BIS policy information and support from UK government
DFT policy information and support from UK government
UK government portal
Scottish Governement Scottish policy information and support
Welsh Governement Wlesh policy information and support
Northern Ireland Government NI policy information and support
Environment Agency protect and improve the environment
SEPA Scottish environment agency
Green Alliance environmental think tank
APSRG business and government discussion forum
ESA trade association for the waste and resource industry
BPF trade association for the Plastics industry
ADBA trade association for the organics waste management industry
Princes Trust inspiring young lives
BITC coporate social responsibility charity
FTA trade association for the transport industry
LARAC Local Authority recycling advisory committee
Westminister environment forum for energy, transport and environment
How stuff works a fun and informative resource
Research finder is a useful resource to source available research
Waste hierarchy in the UK
Digestate information from WRAP


Shanks Wikepedia page 

BDR Barnsley Doncaster and Rotherham PFI partnership

Wakefield PFI partnership

Cumbria PFI partnership

ELWA East London Waste Authority PFI partnership

Waste Warriors brilliant educational website

Energen Biogas our organics partnership in Scotland

Shanks Group website

Derby our partnership in Derbyshire