Opening 2017

Resource Recovery Solutions, a joint venture between Shanks and Interserve, began providing services to Derby City and Derbyshire County Council in 2010, whilst working with the Councils to secure planning permission for a new waste treatment facility at Sinfin Lane.

Funding was secured in August 2014, and the facility, which will divert 96.5% of residents’ black bag waste from landfill, is now in construction.

The plant will contain an MBT facility that will extract further recyclable material that householders had not managed to separate at the kerbside. The remaining material will be treated to create into a fuel.

This fuel is converted into a gas at an on-site gasification facility, which is then transformed into enough green energy to power 14,000 homes. This electricity will be supplied to the national grid, offsetting the cost of the waste treatment to the Councils.

250 construction workers are currently building the facility, while approximately 45 permanent positions will be created when the facility opens in early 2017.