80% landfill diversion capability

On the 4th June 2009 Cumbria County Council entered in to a 25 year £700m Public Private Partnership (PPP) with Shanks. As part of the deal, Shanks will divert 87% of black bag waste from landfill, and manage the 14 Household Waste Recycling Centres in Cumbria.

Waste processing is carried out at two state-of-the art facilities in the North and South of Cumbria, each capable of processing 75,000 tonnes. In total, Shanks are managing over 180,000 tonnes of waste per year from Cumbria.

The first facility, based in Hespin Wood, was opened three months ahead of schedule in December 2011 and diverted 85% of waste in its first year of operation. The second facility was opened in Barrow-in-Furness in March 2013. Both plants are now diverting more than 92% of the total waste received.

The MBT process works by extracting recyclable materials from black-bag waste, before converting the remaining non-recyclable residue into a fuel. This is used as a fossil fuel substitute, powering cement kilns and energy recovery facilities. 

50 jobs during the two-year construction process, as well as 28 permanent jobs once the facility began operations.

The Northern Resource Park, based in Hespin Wood, has been operational since December 2011 and the the Southern Resource Park, based in Barrow-in-Furness, since April 2013. From April 2014 - March 2015 the Northern Resource Park processed 63,636 tonnes of Cumbria's Household Waste. 


2014/15 recycling and recovery performance

Northern Resource Park

Moisture Loss 33%

SRF 29%

RDF 21%

Glass & Stone 8%

Fines 6%

Metals 3%


Southern Resource Park

Moisture Loss 34%

RDF 26%

SRF 22%

Fines 9%

Glass & Stone 7%

Metals 2%


Household Waste Recycling Centres

The Cumbrian contract also operate the 14 Household Waste Recycling Centres throughout Cumbria. For further information on the network and the facilities please go to http://www.cumbria.gov.uk/planning-environment/waste-management/servicesincumbria/hwrcs/hwrc.asp 

The facilities have a 60% annual recycling target and are reaching that by accepting a wide range of materials and concentrating on a high standards of management at the sites. 


Working with the Third Sector

Within all operations there are links to the third sector. At the MBTs the offtaker for metal is Recycling Lives www.recyclinglives.com/ since the beginning of the contract Shanks have sent over 7,500 tonnes of material to the facility in Preston. Recycling Lives are an award winning commercial recycler and social welfare charity offering life changing opportunities to members of society facing an uncertain future by providing them with accommodation, education, training and work experience.

The Household Waste Recycling Centes are involved with 2 charities within Cumbria. In October 2010 Shanks entered into an agreement with 'Borders Social Enterprise' to offtake bikes from some of the centres. BSE run a ReBike project that refirbishes bikes for resale offering employment and training for people struggling to find work. www.rebikecumbria.co.uk/

Donations made from the textile banks on all the HWRCs have helped to raise funds of over £28,000 to date. The funds are donated to Eden House who are Cumbria's only Children's Hospice and provides in-patient care for up to 5 children/ young people at a time plus day care facilities and an end of life suite. www.evhospice.org.uk/