Guaranteed 95% recycling

In January 2016, Buckinghamshire County Council selected Shanks to recycle of 7,000 tonnes of food waste from households in Aylesbury Vale every year.

This waste will be converted to renewable energy at Shanks’ state of the art anaerobic digestion facility at Westcott Park in Buckinghamshire, producing enough electricity to power 6,000 homes.

Based in a central location, the facility will receive waste directly from household collection vehicles, eliminating the costs of using an intermediary bulking stations.

The process will also produce high-quality bio-fertiliser, reducing the need and costs associated with using synthetic growth chemicals and so benefiting local agriculture in and around the County of Buckinghamshire. This means that Shanks can guarantee that 95% of all food waste treated by the facility will be recycled.

Starting in February 2016, the partnership will run for two years, with the potential for up to three one-year extensions.